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Have you just been diagnosed with cancer?

Are you seeking answers to healing your cancer?

Do you want to prevent recurrence of cancer?

Let two-time cancer survivor and author Karen Nasello coach you on how to 
or, maybe one of these other scenarios may apply to you?

Are you feeling fear, overwhelm, confusion, or frustration?

Do you think chemo and radiation are your only options? They’re not!

★ Are you curious to explore your healing options?

Have your cancer treatments failed or caused harm to your body & immune system?

★ Are you on a healing journey now seeking knowledge & access to helpful resources?

★ Are you pressed for time to spend weeks or months researching? 

Are you hopeful, receptive, determined or resourceful?

★ Are you a caregiver supporting a loved one with cancer and need more tools?

If you answered “YES” to even one of these questions, PLEASE READ ON…

Prepare to be EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT, and KNOWLEDGEABLE when you learn what choices YOU can make to heal your cancer and restore your health to have an energized and vibrant life!


I'VE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES and understand what it feels like to be scared, overwhelmed, confused and even in denial. You see, I’ve been in many of the scenarios I just asked you about, so I empathize with where you may be and how you might be feeling.

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I’m Karen and I have conquered cancer twice in my lifetime...once at age 41 and again at age 51. The first time I was a victim. The second time I was a champion realizing I had the power to heal myself naturally, nutritionally and with non-toxic therapies. I did just that,

I healed myself! My recovery launched me to take a deep dive and learn what cancer is, how to heal it and how to prevent it. I’ve learned so much and feel both compelled and obligated to share it with others who can benefit from life improving and potentially


I’ve invested thousands of hours in research by devouring books, articles, studies and blogs, attending conferences, listening to expert summits, podcasts, interviews, radio shows, FB lives and more. 


Leading edge health and wellness experts in the cancer healing, healthy living and disease prevention space have been my teachers. They include: functional medicine doctors, scientists, researchers, natural healthcare practitioners, integrative oncologists, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, doctors of oriental medicine, nutritionists, herbalists and others.


Knowledge can empower you and take away your fear, overwhelm and confusion to help you realize and believe that you can heal.

Did you know that 90%+ of all cancer is due to diet, lifestyle, and environment? 


That’s the good means you can do something about it! 

Graphic of causes of cancer credit to Dr

photo credit : Dr. William Li


Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your

Healing Journey

with Food, Mindset,

and Lifestyle Choices


+ START TODAY with immediate, actionable and simple steps to launch into your healing cancer journey with this easy to navigate book.

+ Understand what cancer is and maybe why you have it. 

+ Learn how to create an internal terrain both physically and emotionally that is uninviting to cancer so YOUR body can do what it was innately designed to do - HEAL!

+ I’ve pulled together the KEY ESSENTIALS you need to know for food, mindset and lifestyle choices that are important for healing cancer.


+ PLUS bonus, relevant resources that include:

  • treatment options

  • articles

  • websites

  • studies

  • how-tos 

  • natural products

  • connections to doctors, clinics, coaching programs and more...


Understanding what cancer is, how and why you get it will EMPOWER YOU for  healing and preventing recurrence.  Recurrence is common because often the cancer patient has not gotten to the root cause or has returned to the lifestyle that contributed to the cancer diagnosis in the first place. Less than 5% of cancer is due to genetics. Your genes are not your destiny. CANCER CHANGES EVERYTHING...and many times it is actually for the better.


The enormous problems in our modern world and hurried stressful lifestyles all contribute to the cancer and chronic disease epidemic. Some of the problems may surprise you. Did you know that only 5 of the 80,000 chemicals used in the U.S are federally regulated and the majority of them have NOT been safety tested? 

Conquer Cancer &
Live Vibrantly! outlines the importance of detoxification and gives you some tools for “what” and “how” to detox.
We live in a toxic world and TOXINS ARE EVERYWHERE our food, air, water, skin/body care products, everyday products we use, drugs and so much more.
As Dr. Daniel Pompa says,
food for detox.jpg
“You must Detox the cell to get well!”
Learn what TO eat and what NOT to eat for cancer healing.
Plus, tools such as the top 15 cancer fighting superfoods, the power of juicing, intermittent fasting, fasting, overdosing on nutrition, hydration, how to alkalize your body and more.
veggies screen capture.jpg
Do you know what the #1 cancer healing superfood is?
(hint - it’s in the cruciferous family of vegetables)
Has your Oncologist told you that it does not matter what you eat?
Guess what? It DOES matter what you eat. In fact, all your choices matter!

+ I cover Herbal Medicine and share some of the top herbs for boosting your immune system and healing cancer. Did you know that Reishi mushroom is the king of medicinal mushrooms and has been used for thousands of years in many cultures for healing? Get many resources for herbal medicine and supplements relevant to cancer healing.


+ The benefits of Integrative and Complementary therapies will be revealed.

+ Learn about High Dose IV Vitamin C, mistletoe therapy, nutritional IVs and the Gersen therapy, just to name a few. Did you know that high dose vitamin C has been scientifically proven to kill cancer stem cells? 

+ Learn about self-healing modalities that you can do at home (with instructions included) like skin brushing, oil pulling, rebounding and others…...all with the goal of cleansing your body, boosting your immune system and getting your body back in balance.


+ Learn how and why to clean up your internal and external environment. Get helpful suggestions and trusted resources for natural products and service providers.

food for detox.jpg

It is important for you to

know that

“online searching” is now censoring many resources in the area of natural health limiting some important information that you need. Again, many direct resources that will help you are provided.


You could spend weeks and months reading, searching online, attending conferences and summits, listening to interviews and more which would be valuable but also time consuming and possibly confusing.


With Conquer Cancer & Live Vibrantly, everything is in one place to get you started on your healing journey. The book includes many direct active links to valuable and helpful resources that you need. Think of this book as your launch point. 


Remember, cancer is not a death sentence, there is always hope and you have many options and choices. You are the CEO of your health. I believe in you!

I promise you will gain valuable insights from Conquer Cancer & Live Vibrantly! and will soon be on your path to a healthy and vibrant life!


+ Throughout the book there are active links that will take you directly to the resource mentioned. These include: studies, articles, expert websites, important lists, blog posts, interviews, books, programs, clinics, vendors, practitioners, organizations and more


+ The book is organized into 10 easy to navigate chapters. 

+ In the Table of Contents, when you click on a certain topic you will be taken directly to that page of the topic of your choosing.

+ These resources and references are all summarized in the order of their appearance in the chapters in the last Chapter 10.


+ If there is a particular chapter that you already have knowledge on, simply skip ahead to what may be relevant for where you are.

+ Although you may not resonate with everything I share in this book and that is okay, I promise there will be valuable information that you can use.


+ Many of the products and service providers that I mention in the book are ones that I use and recommend myself. None of the companies have paid to be in the book.

+ Your investment in this book is only $19.95

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